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Artist Name: Adeline Yeo HP

Artist Bio

Adeline Yeo (HP) is an Indie Artist from Singapore. She started her music compositions without any prior musical knowledge and experience, but as she continue her practises on her new music program. Her fingers became nimble and soon she was able to compose beautiful melodies. Usually, her music inspirations came from her five senses.

Recently, she has been approved by Free Music Archive, Tribe Of Noise and Jamendo as their artist as well. Her recent music EP "Energetic Fan Dance" misic soundtrack was selected by a hotel in Canada as an audio to complement a video promotion.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Adeline Yeo (HP) an unsigned Indie Musician from Asia, Singapore. Without any prior musical knowledge, I stumbled upon a new music program and started my music compositions. Although I'm still an amateaur, but I believe that my music is unique because of my difference and willing to learn the ropes along the way.

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Song Title: Aishiteru Ikebana

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