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Recording Artist: Bendicion

Bendición , is an American Music artist from From North Little Rock ,Ar Also Born an raised In the State of Arkansas…

Bendición have been through alot from childhood into adulthood Being the father of his youngest Son Princeton Brock…Bendición music is very versatile & unique when it comes to his music also connecting to others that can relate to his music..

Bendición’s meaning of L.O.V.E is broken down into Loyalty,Obtain,Violence,Emotions meaning things that’s apart of his life the 4 letters he lives by also using the number’s 777 witches a angel number his meaning of 777 is “Lucky To Be Alive”

Bendición also uses the number (18) Is when all His pain started at the age of 18…Bendición’s is The only child on his fathers side of the family.

Bendición’s Mother & Father broke up when bendición was 8 years old now you put 1 & 8 together an you get (18) that’s his meaning behind (18) Aslo saying NoFear….

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