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Artist Name: Jl Bout-It

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Veteran producer, writer, and performer, Jl Bout-It is the owner of Paperchase Muzik Llc or PCMLLC for short. He is a profound artist with an extensive background and lots of experience in the music field.
He is the product of two musically talented parents. His mother would have been a member of Envogue if the streets didn’t consume her first. Dedicating his whole life to music, Jl Bout-It says: “It’s not on me, it’s in me”, proclaiming his marriage to music and his restless endeavor to build a successful life from creating music.

Entrepreneur/Recording Artist Jl Bout-It embodies the essence of Hip-Hop and is cut from a different cloth. Jl Bout-It possesses a natural ability to convert pain and struggle into inspiring lyrics of aspiration. Jl Bout-It’s music has received critical acclaim from key Spotify influencers, FM Radio programmers, and mainstream DJs nationwide.

The music of Jl Bout-It urges people to never give up on their dreams for a better tomorrow and shares the voices of those who have no voice. Jl Bout-It digital music catalog encompasses dance, club, international, and street anthems for Millennials and Generation Z.

Young hustlers in the trenches can relate to Jl Bout-It’s subject matter. His life stories are always authentic, and he shares only what he knows. Among Jl Bout-It’s responsibilities in 2021 are managing several businesses and releasing several music projects.

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Jl Bout-It, Producer, songwriter, and performer, From San Francisco Ca.

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Song Title: All In Yo Feelings

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