Leron Lamar – Featured Artist

by | Nov 22, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

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Recording Artist: Leron Lamar

“First off, i’d like to say your services are fire. This is my second time making a purchase because the first time around i got good results. As far as me, I’m a solo independent musician from Asbury Park, Nj. My passion for music stems from back when I was a child wanting to be a dj. My mom and pops used to order the prosound stage and lighting magazines, and I used to just be in love with the audio equipment they showcased in their magazines. Long story short, I got introduced to the music studio by a relative years later and been in love with making music ever since. I’ve learned how to produce and engineer my own tracks, so whatever you hear from me is mostly likely my work from top to bottom.”

Listen to Leron Lamar on SoundCloud:

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