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#Mere Mobb
Artist Name: Mere Mobb

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I’m A Independent Versatile Melodic Music Artist That Has Gathered Over 250K Streams In Total This past year I’ve been making music for years but has only been taking it serious for a year & a half now i take my music,supporters & my craft in general very serious!

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22 Year Old Versatile Music Artist Music From Philadelphia,Pa @ Name The Same On All Platforms @MerexMobb!! My Music Expresses All My Ups And Downs My Heartbreak & Heartaches I Want To Continue To Make Timeless Music That The World/People That Deal With Anxiety,Depression,Insomnia Or Being Bipolar Can Relate To And Can Learn How To Deal With Those Things From Listening To My Music And Learning That They Are Not Alone Thru Those Constant Everyday Battles!!

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