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Artist Name: Mr. E

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I've always had an interest in music ,from a young age I would write my own lyrics down and sing or rap them to my friends in school. Being an Indian no one really expected me to surround myself with the crowd I did ,but peoples perspective of me was shifted quite quick when they heard me rhyme. Almost everyday I would be with the rapping squads in school or on the streets freestyling while people circled us to listen.
I love and enjoy many different genres ,when I create music I like to mix it up and introduce different styles into one song. I never mumble rap lol ,just putting it out there. I'm crazy about old school Hip-Hop and RnB ,and so that's the flow I have.
I tell real life stories in alot of my music ,many will relate to them.
I don't have the best equipment in the world or have a set of beatmakers and producers to help me and right now I do everything myself. I make the most out of what I have and I hope my fans will love and appreciate it.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I am from South Africa ,born in the city of Durban and relocated to the city of Johannesburg. South Africa as a whole is a beautiful country ,with beautiful music. From its traditional music ,to the many different genres of music created.
We have industry greats which have more than an ear for talent and wonderfully constructed studios for the High Quality music produced.
I would say majority of our people are listening to music on a daily basis ,and those artists are from everywhere lol.
Many of the artists that hit big in this country are now well known around the entire world gaining fans from all sorts of places and lifestyles. South Africa has talent.

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Song Title: Only You

Let’s have a listen to the new Mr. E track:



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