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Based out of Phoenix, AZ, the band is scheduled to release a new single and video every 6 weeks with heavy promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Awoken, their debut single has met critical acclaim on a national level, charting at #5 on the PANDA "Off The Charts" in October.

Penny Billionaires will be touring extensively in the fall of 2021 and all 2022. It s a Heavy rock electronica duo. Perfect to workout.

Local and internet radios have already picked up the song in their rotation and have been featured .

Many Spotify users are adding the song to their playlists. Will you be the next one??

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Penny Billionaires is a rock-electronica duo formed by multi-platinum, Grammy, MTV and NRJ awards winner Greg Jacks (Superbus) and American Singer Songwriter Evan Berg.
Based out of Phoenix, AZ,

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Song Title: Awoken

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