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Artist Name: Rambo Elgado

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Well I just released my first single on the 3rd of September this month and it's doing pretty good so far but it's still hard getting an actual fan base just starting out but I make really good music and it's good quality and with you being a help will make things so much better , I have many more songs already recorded and ready to be put out , I hope you enjoy my new single as much as I did making it. Thanks!

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Hey, I'm Tajh From Atlanta GA and music is my life , growing up my mom use to sell CDs and DVDs for someone on the side to bring extra money in the house and she use to have this file cabinet full of CDs and I would just take the ones I was interested in and learn them word for word and by the age of 13 I was writing my own songs and learned that music sounds the best when it's real and coming from your heart , and so I just like making real music, stuff that people can feel and relate to as if the song were meant just for them you know, Everytime my mom would move to a different house I would always make my room into a studio, but the only thing was I didn't have people around me on business things or new anything about music and what I could actually do with it, so here I am in 2021 finally with my first single.

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Song Title: Money Over Fame

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