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Composer, writer, videomaker, actor, guitarist, singer, poet, sound engenieer.
2011-2016: creator, composer and guitarist of “Maschere Vuote”, progressive rock band frome Rome. Inserted in the book “Rock progressivo italiano dal 1980 al 2013” by Massimo Salari. Publication of EP “Maschere Vuote” in 2015
2017-2020: creator of “Protesi Project”, a project of theater, cinema and music.
2019: publication of “Percorsi” jazz/fusion album with SPLASC(H) Records. The album was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Moccia.
2018-2020: actor and theatral collaboration with Antonio Saccà (writer and sociologist) and the “Associazione Culturale il Cibo e L'arte” by Loredana Paolesse.
2020: composer of the theatral show “Giallo Raffaello” by Barbara Chiesa e Riccardo Barbera.
2021: publication of “Concertless” Djent, progressive/fusion album. The album was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Altamira Multimedia (Riccardo Moccia).
2021: composer of the theatral show "Paradiso dell'Inferno" by Jacopo Squizzato.
2021: Winner and first place of the Fandemonium Unsigned Contest with the track "2050" from "Concertless"

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“Freewill” is the first single from the album “Sensed”.

“Sensed” is a concept album about the evolution of the universe from the point of view of a Being of Light, a story based on ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Japanese scriptures.
The work is of Death Metal mold and there is a very important use of harmonic singing, ergo of Mongolian, Indian and Japanese chants; a peculiarity that makes the album also meditative, as well as merely aggressive.
The rhythms derive from and are inspired by the Indian Konnakol, the oldest musical language of man.
“Sensed” is written, performed (vocals and guitars), produced, recorded, programmed (synth, bass and drums) mixed and mastered by Riccardo Moccia, through Altamira Multimedia.

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