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Artist Name: ShawniB

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Brian Shawn Bufford II known as ShawniB is an American singer, rapper and song writer and he even engineers and films his projects with the help of his team around him. ShawniB has albums on all music platforms and recently released an Cover EP on SoundCloud collaborating with 0ff-Wh1te and has dropped 2 videos to his new EP Love, ShawniB on all platforms that has propelled us into his thoughts and genius mind and word play! He says he loves he has brought a melodic swavy psychedelic sound with his new Love, ShawniB EP! He recently just got over 11k streams so far with his Love, ShawniB EP release and he also was featured in blog and interview with the well known Fugitive Club. He also gained over 1,500 new followers over his most used social media’s via Instagram Twitter YouTube and Tik tok!!

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My name is ShawniB a artist from South Carolina. I make psychedelic love hip hop music and I think people people enjoy my music because of the stories and relatability my music has.

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Song Title: 100 Rounds

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