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Artist Name: Superior

Artist Bio

I'm mainly a rap/hip hop artist, but I'm extremely versatile in what music I make. Everything from drill to rnb to pop tunes, I'm doing it all. My most played song is a collaboration with producer Natsu Fuji that we put together for a Twitch streamer, amassing almost 50k total plays. On top of that, my personal favorite song Dangerous, and my most popular song Cumslut both have gained 10k plays across all platforms, all being very different styles of music. I'm prepping to release 2 full length projects with very differing sounds and I'm looking to get a leg up before that to expose more people to all I have to offer.

Tell us who you are:

I go by Superior, I make all kinds of styles of music and it just keeps getting better and better with every new song I make.

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You can stream all of my music on my Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube pages:

I'm also a verified artist on Genius where you can read about my lyrics:

My Twitter and Instagram accounts are both @idksupz if you wanted to see when I release new content

Song Title: Fast

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