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Artist Name: Thapelo Paul Sehloho

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I Recorded My First Song In 2011 An Moved To Capetown In 2013. I Released A 16 Track Album Called "Music Made By Cyph'Killa" In 2016, In 2017 I Established My Own Clothing Brand , In 2020 June I Released My Debut EP Called "OVERDRIVE" Consisting Of 6 Song's, 3 Producer's And 6 Artist's. I Released My First Official Music Video in July 2020 For The First Song On My EP OVERDRIVE Called "CURREN$¥(Prod.By Caydo)". This Year (2021) I Released My Leading Single "Same Mistakes (Prod.By Caydo)" Along With A Visualizer For The Song, My 2nd EP "Going Through Phases" Is Up For (Pre-Order's) And It's Gonna Get Released On The 25th Of October 2021

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My Name Is Thapelo Paul Sehloho Also Known As Cyph'Killa, I'm A Independent Rap Artist That Makes Music That Is Diverse And You Can Relate Tooo

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Instagram Handle : @cyph_killa
Facebook Artist Page : Cyph'killa
Twitter : Cyph'Killa

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Same Mistakes (Single) –

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Song Title: Same Mistakes

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