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Artist Name: Vandes Jackson

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Vandes is a Chicago native, Army veteran, and multi talented music producer currently in Los Angeles, CA.

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Since enrolling at Los Angeles Film School, Vandes has been able to brand, network and fully immerse himself in the industry while staying true to the craft. He's worked with Sy Ari Da Kid, Bobby Kritical, Paxquiao, 24 Hrs, Bentley Records (Current Distribution & Pub deal), Ayoo KD, DJ Blakboy (Playboi Carti), DJ SR (Sy Ari Da Kid), and Cinq Music Group Marketing Director Diana Schweinbeck. Co signs from TableMannerz Djs, Zaytoven Beatz, and has secured a Beatstars/Sony (Pub Admin Deal).

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Song Title: Missing You

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