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I am a hard working artist looking forword to spread the word and joy to those in need with my music and share the positivity

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Yatzel Elier Calderon Rivera (22 July 2004 ), professionally known as YECR, is a Puerto Rican rapper,His music is often defined as Latin trap and reggaeton, but he has incorporated various other genres into his music, including rock, bachata, and hipHop. He is also known for his deep, slurred vocal style and his eclectic fashion sense. Throughout his career, YECR has frequently collaborated with a Artist Named Yung Hush
He was featured in single "No Bank", released in February 2021. Starting in February 2021, YECR Made More Beats , Liquor . Also in Feburary 2021, YECR track, "Liquor " Had Gotten over 15K Streams On SoundCloud. Artistry YECR is primarily a Latin trap and Reggaeton artist. YECR sings and raps , As a child, he was loved to dance to salsa and merengue. He became influenced by trap and hip-hop. " is a major influence on YECR but is his greatest inspiration; he later said that growing up, he would Always Rap to other people who were bullying him. Though primarily a trap and Reggaeton artist, his songs also include influence from EDM, pop, and Rap. YECR quirky social media has gained attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. And He has Released his new Single Called ( ) On SoundCloud On June 4th 2021.

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Song Title: BOOST

Listen: YECRTV track:—single/1585727327

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